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George H., British anatomist, 1801-1871. See: Fielding membrane.
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The acquisition team can focus on coordinating activities to facilitate development and fielding of products and systems and let the customers purchase the completed production-ready product.
Concepts such as Unit Set Fielding (as manifested in the Stryker Brigade Combat Team Program), the Modernization through Spares concept (as demonstrated in the Force Battle Command Brigade and Below [FBCB2] program), and the integration of Field Commanders in the spiral upgrade process for the Maneuver Control System (MCS) reflect a slow but measurable evolution in Army acquisition.
In support of the Department of the Army's accelerated priority fielding to the 82nd Airborne Division for the DVE system and the division's operational requirement for thermal night vision driving capability, PM FLIR fielded DVE systems to all Improved Target Acquisition Systems companies within the division's infantry battalions.
The task of fielding RFI to our soldiers is a tremendous undertaking.
Outfielders line up in center and left field, facing each other, and practice charging, fielding, and throwing to each other with perfect technique on balls hit to them by the outfield coach.