field trial

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field trial

a study of a new product/process in the actual conditions for which it was intended; for example testing GM crops in normal cultivation conditions.


1. an area or open space, such as an operative field or visual field.
2. a range of specialization in knowledge, study or occupation.
3. in embryology, the developing region within a range of modifying factors.

auditory field
the space or range within which stimuli will be perceived as sound.
field beans
field experiments
experiments conducted on large groups of animals in conditions thought to be average for the particular type of commercial operation.
field fever
field fungi
fungi that attack plants that grow in the field. See also storage fungi.
high-power field
the area of a slide visible under the high magnification system of a microscope.
individuation field
a region in which an organizer influences adjacent tissue to become a part of a total embryo.
low-power field
the area of a slide visible under the low magnification system of a microscope.
morphogenetic field
an embryonic region out of which definite structures normally develop.
field nettle
field pea
field penny-cress
field poppy
see papaverrhoeas.
sequential field trial
a trial to which additional segments are added as results are obtained in original segments, e.g. concentrating efforts on aspects of the work which appear to be promising.
field trial
see field experiments (above).
visual field
the area within which stimuli will produce the sensation of sight with the eye in a straight-ahead position.
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She's a dual champion, which means she is a show and field trial champ.
The following two supportive trials will also be held during the field trial period:
Researchers are especially fond of randomized field trials when evaluating educational programs because they can increase the validity of their findings.
A spokesperson for Calypso Wireless said that upon the successful completion of the field trial the company expected to receive contracts for the delivery of its products and licensing of its ASNAP technology throughout Vodafone's worldwide network.
Randomized field trials are a sturdy method of generating defensible evidence about the relative effectiveness of various interventions; nonrandomized trials do so, at times, but unpredictably.
SGSs field stations are accredited to Good Laboratory Practice (GLP) and/or Good Efficacy Trials (GEP) and, in addition to running field trials, also operate several laboratory services.
In addition to field trials, Green ran dogs in hunt tests and helped several dubs run them.
The first public showing as part of this international field trial will start Saturday, October 22, 2005, when "Tim Burton's Corpse Bride" opens commercially in Japan, with a digital release at "4K Pure Cinema" quality in multiple Toho cinemas in the Osaka and Tokyo regions.
Randomized field trials are so expensive that they often must be limited to only a subset of the population of interest.
ImageWare's Executive Vice President, Bill Willis, will also be presenting a case study on the CIC biometrics field trial project during the U.
The field trial of the trial scheme is being implemented in two phases with each phase lasting for about nine months, with the aim of assessing the new features and functions to be adopted in a new generation of parking meters.
that the same dog can't be both a shooting companion and a field trial champion?