magnetic field gradient

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mag·net·ic field gra·di·ent

in magnetic resonance imaging, a magnetic field that varies with location, superimposed on the uniform field of the magnet, to alter the resonant frequency of nuclei and allow calculation of their spatial position.
Synonym(s): field gradient
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There are mainly two forces acting on the MNP of the ferrofluid under magnetic field: (1) the magnetic force, [[??].sub.m], which is generated by the applied magnetic field gradient, and (2) the fluidic force, [[??].sub.s], which is exerted by the suspending medium on a moving MNP.
Caption: Figure 12: Evolution law of magnetic field gradient on surface of welded structure.
It was reported that strength of used magnets and magnetic field gradient varies from 70 mT to 2.2 T and from 0.03 T/m to 100 T/m, respectively [3, 9, 12, 18].
Material with an electric field gradient of 41 MV/m
Impact of magnetic field gradients on the free corrosion of iron.
Gravity field gradient along a levelling profile has a significant effect on the levelling results.
Axial gradient of the magnetic field gradient (dB/dL) at the wall of the channel, which caused oxygen transfer towards the pellet surface was equal to 1.56 T/m, but it was not higher than 0.8 T/m in the central part of the flame.
Note that this passive compressor can enhance both background DC magnetic field and field gradient. Thus (B x [nabla])B can be amplified, which means the magnetic force will be greatly enhanced passively.
To perform the spectroscopy of the bouncing neutron, the interaction that couples different quantum states can be a vibration of the bottom mirror or an oscillating magnetic field gradient [8].
In this modeling study, it is assumed that a single RF transmit coil (with a [B.sup.+.sub.1] field gradient) is rotating about the sample at the angular frequency [[omega].sub.rot], while the MR signal acquisition is performed with a dedicated receive RF body coil that has a uniform [B.sup.-.sub.1].
There will be a force drawing the steel sphere into the centre of the gap, since there exists a magnetic field gradient in every direction away from this center-point.