field effect transistor

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field effect transistor



A transistor that uses electricity to permit or to block conduction through a semiconductor channel.
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Another group of researchers at IBM, for instance, theorizes that in terms of logic applications, carbon nanotube field effect transistors may compete with silicon MOSFETs due to advancements in contact technology.
The instrument includes a non-glass field effect transistor combination electrode to detect the hydrogen ion activity.
In sections on fundamentals, non-crystalline semiconductors, and thin film transistor circuits and applications, he discusses such topics as resistor-capacitor circuits, modeling threshold voltage shift for circuit design, a transistor as a switch, compensation circuits for displays, and a case study of a pseudo PMOS field effect transistor.
Startup HVVi Semiconductor offers a new architecture--High Voltage Field Effect Transistor (HWFET) initially for radar and avionics--designed so that performance increases at higher voltages resulting in a smaller die size and low parasitic capacitance per Watt.
At 2 GHz, Agilent's single-voltage operation ATF E-pHEMT (enhancement-mode pseudomorphic high electron mobility transistor) FET (field effect transistor) features +30 dBm output power at 1 dB gain compression, +41.7 dBm third-order output intercept point (OIP3), 69 percent power-added efficiency, a noise figure of 1.4 dB and 4.5V operation.
These amplifiers replace the junction field effect transistor (JFET) and are well-suited for use in microphones in mobile handsets, headset accessories and other portable microphone applications.
They have retained the basic physics of classic devices and added material on such areas of contemporary interest as three-dimensional MOSFETs (metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors), nonvolatile memory, modulation-doped field effect transistor, single-electron transistor, resonant-tunneling diode, insulated-gate bipolar transistor, quantum cascade laser, and semiconductor sensors.

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