differential field diagnosis

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dif·fer·en·tial field di·ag·no·sis

(dif'ĕr-en'shăl fēld dī'ăg-nō'sis)
Determination of possible causes of patient condition by emergency medical service providers.
Synonym(s): field diagnosis.
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Field diagnosis however is mainly dependent on the clinical signs and pathological lesions observed on different organs such as liver and kidney.
The field diagnosis is based on clinical signs followed by observation of ruminal pH by oral probe or rumenocentesis.
Field diagnosis from piscinootest was validated by laboratory tests using the conventional method of assembly of the blade material after scraping of the body and gill surfaces of infested fish and observation under an optical microscope.
He is responsible for providing continuing education to insurance professionals on various heating and air conditioning topics and is also responsible for development of field diagnosis best practices.
He is responsible for providing continuing education to insurance professionals and for the development of field diagnosis best practices.
Considering the limitations in sensitivity and specificity of Ziehl-Neelsen staining [3], mycobacterial evaluation, mycobacterial culture, and molecular and serological techniques [4-6], histomorphological analysis appears to be the only feasible technique for field diagnosis of TB in some patients [7, 8].
According to Cameron, a rapid response to the outbreaks requires a field diagnosis and restriction of movements of livestock at local cross border grazing to prevent any disease entering a disease-free zone He said every community should at least have a trained member who can report any or lack of symptoms in livestock, adding that many vaccination teams spent about six months conducting vaccinations and had little time to identify and focus on new cases.
Paucity of work and rarity of occurrence of nasoethmoidal meningoencephalocele further highlights the importance of research in the field diagnosis and surgical management of these cases.
However, the standard approaches to field diagnosis of CBSD are not yet established.
Alison Robbins, a wildlife veterinarian, and Research Associate Professor Donna Akiyoshi, a molecular biologist, are trying to develop a rapid field diagnosis and identify genetic markers for susceptibility, with funding from the U.S.