differential field diagnosis

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dif·fer·en·tial field di·ag·no·sis

(dif'ĕr-en'shăl fēld dī'ăg-nō'sis)
Determination of possible causes of patient condition by emergency medical service providers.
Synonym(s): field diagnosis.
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management plans will have to meet the following objectives: - establish a precise inventory, by homogeneous sections of afforestation and riparian forest, from a field diagnosis, - determine ecological quality objectives adapted to local issues, - define, for each homogeneous segment, a multiannual programming of restoration and maintenance work.
He is responsible for providing continuing education to insurance professionals and for the development of field diagnosis best practices.
According to Cameron, a rapid response to the outbreaks requires a field diagnosis and restriction of movements of livestock at local cross border grazing to prevent any disease entering a disease-free zone He said every community should at least have a trained member who can report any or lack of symptoms in livestock, adding that many vaccination teams spent about six months conducting vaccinations and had little time to identify and focus on new cases.
Paucity of work and rarity of occurrence of nasoethmoidal meningoencephalocele further highlights the importance of research in the field diagnosis and surgical management of these cases.
However, the standard approaches to field diagnosis of CBSD are not yet established.
Alison Robbins, a wildlife veterinarian, and Research Associate Professor Donna Akiyoshi, a molecular biologist, are trying to develop a rapid field diagnosis and identify genetic markers for susceptibility, with funding from the U.
The safety monitors include a graphical user interface for commissioning and field diagnosis of the safety system, as well as the capability to link multiple Safety at Work circuits together, allowing larger and more complex safety systems to be handled via AS-i.
Scientists are working on a three-stage field diagnosis they hope will identify which aircraft have tainted fuel.
Septic drain field diagnosis and repair: Contractor shall: arrange to have existing septic system tank pumped and inspected (first action); excavate to locate and access inspection covers or surface of existing tanks acting as septic drain field and determine cause of effluent breakout at ground surface; if necessary, sewer outlet pipe and distribution box shall be excavated and inspected; determine actions needed to ensure proper function of drain fields; if required, an experienced professional in the field of septic system repair and installation shall be retained to confirm findings and/or execute prescribed scope of work to remedy failure; contractor shall remove from site all contaminated soil that is disturbed during excavation.