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A popular term for the quasi-autonomous ‘territory’ that a particular physician in a Balkanized organization (e.g., the faculty practice plan of an academic medical centre) considers to be his or her own
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James Murdoch apparently is not deemed ready to assume a spot atop the fiefdom, but continues to loom large.
"Less than two years ago, Florida's state-funded child advocacy system consisted of an uncoordinated system of 21 fiefdoms," Glynn wrote to the NACC Awards Committee June 30.
Individual subsidiaries had become impenetrable fiefdoms that had hijacked control of their financials, hired their own finance people and redefined the chart of accounts to reflect the "uniqueness" of their markets.
The book explains how over the last 20 years this fiefdom has determined the most rapid changes in the history of the City and the Country.
"The corporate fat cats got used to thinking of the airwaves as their own private fiefdom, but the commissioners today reaffirmed that the airwaves belong to everyone," said Joan Dark, of the Prometheus Radio Project, a Philadelphia-based media activist group that helps create LPFM stations (
It claims President dos Santos is turning Angola into his own personal fiefdom.
James, noting that "if the governor holds his ground, he can make Etowah County Courthouse the Concord Bridge of a Middle American revolution against our reigning judicial dictatorship." (That's Pat -- always striving to avoid hyperbole!) The reason there is nothing tyrannical about asking Judge Moore to remove the plaque is that the courthouse is not his personal fiefdom. Nobody is telling the judge to take down a portrait of Jesus in his house or denying him the right to pray privately in his chambers.
He also believes there should be a resident shareholder on the board from day-one "so that the sponsor is not running the cooperative as a fiefdom" and the period of sponsor control is reduced to two years from the current five years.
And this is a council, led by Mr Forbes, that is seeking to lead the so called Northern Powerhouse, which sadly is about creating a Labour fiefdom rather than having any concern for the populace.
He added that the Congress needs to be explained what 'shahenshah' means, as it is them who have run the country 'like their fiefdom' during their decades long rule.
The Power, who is unbeaten at the Winter Gardens since 2007 and begins his defence of the title against John Henderson in the first round on Monday, said "It's time to make some more history." Taylor (right), 55 next month, regards the World Matchplay as a personal fiefdom after claiming his 15th title against Michael van Gerwen in the final last year.