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A popular term for the quasi-autonomous ‘territory’ that a particular physician in a Balkanized organization (e.g., the faculty practice plan of an academic medical centre) considers to be his or her own
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This exclusivity was documented between the fiefdoms, neighborhoods and Ayere-Parks within local Letters of Agreement, not the 7110.
I had little hopes of finding anyone who could successfully run this office and bring the 21 fiefdoms into a coordinated system while managing the politics of our legislature and governor's office.
Individual subsidiaries had become impenetrable fiefdoms that had hijacked control of their financials, hired their own finance people and redefined the chart of accounts to reflect the "uniqueness" of their markets.
With their gangster husbands cooling their heels in jails after being sentenced to hanging or life imprisonment by local courts for the murder of politicians and a bureaucrat, the wives have taken up the task to protect their once impregnable fiefdom from being penetrated by rivals.
which in the slippery style of big-budget ostalgie manages both to condemn Erich Honecker's barbarous fiefdom and to subtly celebrate its insulation from Western consumerism.
But what a trouncing these Neanderthals got in our pages - and isn't it clear now that our city, once ruled as a Quaker fiefdom, has grown up and shaken off its shackled past?
Eventually, he finds refuge in the fiefdom of the Widow, who is seeking a way to avoid the endless wars that destroy all those in the kingdom.
35 FIEFDOM (68), trained by all-conquering Mark Johnston, his juveniles usually need 7f.
Dostum's stomping ground, Mazar-e-Sharif, was his personal fiefdom from 1992 to 1997, and his men have a particularly unsavory reputation for looting and pillaging.
statehood, a move that would elevate its constituents to full citizenship rights instead of their current status as peasants in Congress's fiefdom.
If Clarkson survives the encounter he will also be turning his attention to the new mafia fiefdom of modern Russia with the help of dissident Vitali Vitaliev.
The West and Afghan government became over-reliant on Wali Karzai - who appalled many by turning it into a fiefdom for his profit - to do that.