fibrous polyp

fi·brous pol·yp

a polyp consisting chiefly of cellular fibrous tissue, frequently with foci of fairly dense collagen or hyaline material (or both).
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fleshy polyp

(1) A nonspecific term for a pedunculated mass of dense fibroconnective tissue, usually of the lower female genital tract, covered by an attenuated mucosa. 
(2) Pedunculated leiomyoma.

While the term fleshy polyp is not a recognised pathological entity and is not used in the working medical parlance, it fills a lexical void that may be used when explaining certain lesions to a patient or other less medically sophisticated audiences.
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They sometimes carry different names such as lymphangioma, hamartomatous tonsillar polyp, lymphangiomatous polyp, lymphangiectatic fibrous polyp, lymphangiectatic fibrolipomatous polyp, and so on according to their stromal components (2).
First case of intraoral fibroma was reported in 1846 called fibrous polyp and polypus [2].
A distal ureteral fibrous polyp and the role of ureteroscopic resection in its management.
Lymphangiectatic fibrous polyp of the palatine tonsil: a report of three cases.
An in-office hysteroscopy is performed, and a large 5 x 4 x 7 cm cystic and fibrous polyp is identified with normal endometrium (VIDEO 1).
With hysteroscopy, fibrous polyps were often determined as a single pale formation of round or oval shape, with a small size (0.5 cm).