fibrous adhesion

fi·brous ad·he·sion

strong fibrous strands resulting from the organization of fibrinous adhesions, often after previous operative procedure; commonly seen in patients with mechanical bowel obstruction.
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In true ankylosis there is bony or fibrous adhesion between the surfaces of the joint within the capsule, whereas in false ankylosis the problems lie in the surrounding structures.
Alloplastic grafts risk foreign body reaction, bone degeneration, excessive fibrous adhesion, infection, and implant displacement and tearing.
If this is allowed to happen, tissue repair cells such as macrophages, fibroblasts and blood vessel cells, penetrate into fibrinous adhesion, and lay down collagen and other matrix substances to form permanent fibrous adhesion.
This is a nonneoplastic lesion of lung tissue that is rolled into or folded into an area of fibrous adhesion between parietal and visceral pleura.
Extension of pneumonia from the surface of the lung to the lining of the chest cavity results in the formation of a fibrous adhesion between lungs and the chest wall.
Any condition that gives rise to osseous or fibrous adhesion between the surfaces of the temporo-mandibular joint is a true ankylosis.
On gross examination, the gallbladder is thickened and the serosa is covered with dense fibrous adhesions.
The impaired fibrinolysis allows the colonization of the fibrin adhesions by fibroblasts, which produce extracellular matrix and create permanent and organized fibrous adhesions (VAN DER WAL & JEEKEL, 2007; ARUNG et al.
Contrarily, in the other one, with the single diverticulum, fibrous adhesions between the penis and preputial sheath led to failure of attempts to remove urine from the pouch.
Later, fibroblasts emerge into this matrix and deposit collagen, which leads to the conversion of the fibrinous adhesions to fibrous adhesions [1,2].
In cases where no lead point is identified, intussusception may be due to submucosal bowel edema, fibrous adhesions or dysrhythmic contractions [1].
There were dense, fibrous adhesions of the mass with aorta but entire cystic mass was excised successfully.