fibrous adhesion

fi·brous ad·he·sion

strong fibrous strands resulting from the organization of fibrinous adhesions, often after previous operative procedure; commonly seen in patients with mechanical bowel obstruction.
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This is a nonneoplastic lesion of lung tissue that is rolled into or folded into an area of fibrous adhesion between parietal and visceral pleura.
Extension of pneumonia from the surface of the lung to the lining of the chest cavity results in the formation of a fibrous adhesion between lungs and the chest wall.
Final pathology revealed benign mucosa with scattered reactive lymphoid aggregates, vascular congestion, focal acute serositis, fibrous adhesions, and gross evidence of small bowel telescoping.
In cases where no lead point is identified, intussusception may be due to submucosal bowel edema, fibrous adhesions or dysrhythmic contractions [1].
During that time the sponge became encapsulated in dense fibrous adhesions within a sac of fluid, the Herald said.
The patents relate to the use of fucans including fucoidan for the prevention and treatment of surgical adhesions and/or fibrous adhesions.
Meticulous technique decreases the likelihood that fibrous adhesions will form between opposing mucosal surfaces.
Histologic examination of the lung, visceral and parietal pleura, and the fibrous adhesions all revealed noncaseating granulomas.
The parietal pleura was stripped and decortication was attempted; however, the lung did not completely reexpand because of extensive residual fibrous adhesions.
As the injured pericardia heal, the fibrin disappears and the 2 serous layers of pericardium remain adherent by fibrous adhesions.
The diagnosis was: marked fatty changes of the liver; moderate edema of the leptomeninges; hyperplasia of the spleen; marked passive hyperemia of the kidneys and bowel lining; sclerosis of the aorta and front mitral leaflet; submucous minute petechial hemorrhages of the pancreatic duct; varicose veins of the lower extremities; slight anasarca (ankles); acute catarrhal conjunctivitis; fibrous adhesions between the liver and diaphragm, spleen and diaphragm, and spleen and liver.
Venoportal fibrous adhesions were recognized by the close approximation of portal tracts and hepatic veins with a short fibrous attachment between the structures.