fibrous adhesion

fi·brous ad·he·sion

strong fibrous strands resulting from the organization of fibrinous adhesions, often after previous operative procedure; commonly seen in patients with mechanical bowel obstruction.
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In true ankylosis there is bony or fibrous adhesion between the surfaces of the joint within the capsule, whereas in false ankylosis the problems lie in the surrounding structures.
Alloplastic grafts risk foreign body reaction, bone degeneration, excessive fibrous adhesion, infection, and implant displacement and tearing.
In the resveratrol group, macroscopic observation showed that soft or weak fibrous adhesion was observed in the laminectomy sites.
This is a nonneoplastic lesion of lung tissue that is rolled into or folded into an area of fibrous adhesion between parietal and visceral pleura.
Any condition that gives rise to osseous or fibrous adhesion between the surfaces of the temporo-mandibular joint is a true ankylosis.
If this is allowed to happen, tissue repair cells such as macrophages, fibroblasts and blood vessel cells, penetrate into fibrinous adhesion, and lay down collagen and other matrix substances to form permanent fibrous adhesion. Foreign bodies accidentally contaminating operative field during surgery also play a role in adhesion formation (Torre, 2002).
Mass was dissected away from its thick fibrous adhesions preserving vital structures.
The abdominal air sacs and mesentery were thickened, cloudy, and opaque with numerous fibrous adhesions to the liver, intestines, and testes.
The permanent fibrous adhesions are formed with collagen and other matrix proteins expressed from fibroblasts.
Contrary to expectation, the tumor was separated from external iliac vein, where only fibrous adhesions without infiltration were present (Figure 2(d)).
(1) If this fibrin is not degraded, it will cause the development of adhesions between intra-abdominal surfaces and will lead to formation of fibrous adhesions and bands.