An instrument that measures clot formation (as in tests for blood clotting in vitro) by mechanical detection of the clot by a moving probe.
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Serological biomarkers, such as FibroTest, FibroMeter, aspartate-to-platelet-ratio-index (APRI), and enhanced liver fibrosis (ELF), or imaging methods, such as transient elastography (TE), have been recommended to stage liver fibrosis in chronic hepatitis C [4].
The fibrin detected between the electrodes results in a detection circuit that senses the finished circuit, which is the endpoint (fibrometer).
i) Fibrometer: This is a non-invasive test which links platelets prothrombin index aspartate aminotransferase
In addition to the FIB-4 and APRI, noninvasive biomarkers, such as the FibroTest score [24], Forns score [25], Hepascore [26], FibroMeter [27], FibroIndex [28], and Lok index [29], were previously reported to be associated with the liver fibrosis.
Moreover, platelets have been an integral component of some of the more sophisticated tests, such as Forn's Index14, and Fibrometer test15.
The Army hospital supply officer wanted to know where the Fibrometer had come from (he had no paperwork for request, approval, budgeting, and so on).
(20) Plasma fibrinogen concentrations were measured with a clot-based end point using a BBL fibrometer (Becton-Dickinson, Baltimore, Maryland).
The instrument used for analysis was the fibrometer (Becton-Dickinson, New Jersey), which is an electro-mechanical instrument that detects the presence of a fibrin clot via a stationary electrode and a moving electrode.
Clinical specimens that had previously been tested on the Fibrometer (Becton Dickinson) were tested concurrently with all five reagents on the STA-R analyzer.
The first coagulation instrument, the Fibrometer (Becton Dickinson), used a moving electrode to detect the clot.
Fibrometer: This electro-mechanical device for detecting clots has a familiar clickity-clack that tells you, your test is not done yet.