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While Lieber's studies did not involve PPC use in viral hepatitis patients, it has never been shown that the process of fibrogenesis differs significantly due to different stimuli, whether alcohol, viral, steatosis, or autoimmune.
Intestinal extracellular metabolism in active celiac disease seems to be toward fibrolysis rather than fibrogenesis.
Finally, we recently demonstrated that statins decrease endothelial dysfunctions in rats with experimental cirrhosis, which is a pathogenic event linked to local inflammation and fibrogenesis [15].
Cellular sources of noncollagenous matrix proteins: role of fat-storing cells in fibrogenesis.
Their critical role in pancreatic fibrogenesis now is firmly established.
Doing so should minimize the risk of systemic effects while targeting a kinase now known to be involved in fibrogenesis.
The interactions of cytokines and growth factors with their receptors initiate different signaling pathways, leading to the activation of multiple transcriptional factors, such as nuclear transcription factor-[kappa]B (NF-[kappa]B), which also has a role in liver fibrogenesis (Oakley et al.
Genetic and pharmacological inhibition of galectin-3 prevents cardiac remodeling by interfering with myocardial fibrogenesis.
Enhancement of adipogenesis and fibrogenesis in skeletal muscle of Wagyu compared with Angus cattle.
Current methods of detection are either invasive biopsy-based tests or are unable to detect fibrogenesis in its early stages.
Dispersal state of multiwalled carbon nanotubes elicits profibrogenic cellular responses that correlate with fibrogenesis biomarkers and fibrosis in the murine lung.
Specifically, excess galectin-3 is found to be involved in a range of processes associated with heart failure, including myofibroblast proliferation, inflammation and fibrogenesis, tissue repair, and ventricular and tissue remodeling.