fibrocystic breast disease

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fi·bro·cys·tic breast dis·ease

(fī'brō-sis'tik brest di-zēz')
Common benign female breast disorder of unknown etiology. It can be manifest by multiple dense breast masses and multiple tiny lumps. Masses enlarge and shrink with menstrual cycle.
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Iodine deficiency is proving to be a risk not only for goiter and low thyroid hormone levels (hypothyroidism), but also for fibrocystic breast disease and breast cancer.
Ghent and colleagues also reported a 70 percent success rate using iodine to treat fibrocystic breast disease.
Weed: "Regular mammograms of women with fibrocystic breast disease are as likely to initiate cancer as to rind it.
Both the NCI and the American Medical Association's (AMA) Council on Scientific Affairs have stated there is no association between caffeine intake and fibrocystic breast disease.
Many women find they have no more fibrocystic breast disease after giving up caffeine.
An unusually high percentage of women being treated for fibrocystic breast disease at Tahoma Clinic had the opposite result before treatment, lower levels of estriol than the combined levels of estrone and estradiol (technically E3 < E2 + E1).
Maryann was also suffering from fibrocystic breast disease.
Lynne explained: "I have fibrocystic breast disease due to hormonal changes .
Other noncontraceptive health benefits of OCs include reduced rates of bone loss, fibrocystic breast disease, hirsutism, perimenopausal symptoms, and acne.
During the past decade, extensive research on caffeine in relation to cardiovascular disease, fibrocystic breast disease, reproductive function, behavior in children, birth defects, and cancer has identified no significant health hazard from normal caffeine consumption.
13) The link between iodine and breast health is less well known, though clinical use of iodine to treat fibrocystic breast disease is familiar to most alternative practitioners.