fibrinous adhesion

fi·brin·ous ad·he·sion

1. an adhesion that consists of fine threads of fibrin resulting from an exudate of plasma or lymph, or an extravasation of blood.
2. multiple fine or thin threads of fibrin.
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1996) The present report puts on record a case of vaginal blockage due to fibrinous adhesion of mucosa in a crossbred cow previously treated for protracted dystocia.
It was diagnosed to be a case of vaginal blockage due to fibrinous adhesion diagnosed as pouch filled with mucus.
This mechanism of fibrinous adhesion has been implicated in one clinical report (11) in which an ambulatory catheter was removed only two days after the local anaesthetic infusion had stopped.
Topically applied halofuginone, an inhibitor of collagen type-1 transcription, reduced peritendinous fibrinous adhesions following surgery.
The small bowel was found to be dilated markedly about 60 cm proximal to the ileocecal valve, where a stenotic point (which was most likely missed when we ran the bowel in the first surgery) was found causing partial obstruction of the small bowel, most likely formed by fibrinous adhesions (Fig.
Diagnostic thoracoscopy revealed multiple fibrinous adhesions and loculations along with fibrinous exudates lining the pleural and diaphragmatic surfaces.
Fibrinous adhesions were disrupted and parietal and visceral pleura were debrided in order to unify the pleural space.
The right pleural cavity was obliterated by fibrinous adhesions.
9]; Balagopalan and Nayar [10] and Mahdi [11] noticed weak fibrinous adhesions between the graft and perioesophageal cervical muscles.
In all these seven case mild to severe fibrinous adhesions between the cranioventral aspects of the reticulum, the ventral abdominal wall and diaphragm were noticed as reported by Ghanem (2010).
Vascular and weak fibrinous adhesions were observed between the grafted site and periooesophageal cervical muscles in one dog each in group A and B sacrificed on 15th day postoperatively and one dog sacrificed on 30th day in group B.