fibrin thrombus

fi·brin throm·bus

a thrombus formed by repeated deposits of fibrin from the circulating blood; it usually does not completely occlude the vessel.
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A fibrin thrombus with inflammatory debris, which was dark-brown in color and soft in consistency, was removed from the left femoral artery.
Histopathology revealed perivascular and transmural mixed lympho-histiocytic infiltrate in the brachial artery with luminal fibrin thrombus.
The results of histopathological evaluation related to full layer separation between tissue layers, edema, congestion, hemorrhage, blood vessel wall destruction and fibrin accumulation, fibrin thrombus existence, and diffuse necrosis existence changed according to the methods used (p<0.05), (Table 2).
There were statistically meaningful results (p<0.05) in favor of bipolar electrocautery, between separation among tissue layers, edema, congestion, necrosis, hemorrhage, destruction in blood vessel walls and fibrin accumulation, fibrin thrombus existence, and tissue damage depth in proportion to temperature degrees.

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