fibrillary tremor

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fibrillary tremor

A tremor caused by consecutive contractions of separate muscular fibrillae rather than of a muscle or muscles.
See also: tremor


a continuous repetitive twitching of skeletal muscle, usually palpable and visible. The diseases characterized by tremor only, the tremor syndromes, may be caused by degenerative disease of the nervous system, e.g. hypomyelinogenesis, and by many toxins, especially plant ones. Tremor is also a sign in many other diseases of the nervous system.

action tremor
rhythmic, oscillatory, involuntary movements of the limbs.
coarse tremor
that involving large groups of muscle fibers contracting slowly.
congenital tremor syndrome of piglets
epidemic tremor
fibrillary tremor
rapidly alternating contraction of small bundles of muscle fibers.
fine tremor
one in which the vibrations are rapid.
intention tremor
one occurring when voluntary movement is attempted. See also volitional tremor (below).
rest tremor
tremor occurring in a relaxed and supported limb.
tremor syndrome
see shaker dogs. Called also white dog shaker syndrome.
volitional tremor
trembling of the entire body during voluntary effort.