fibers of lens

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fi·bers of lens

the elongated cells of ectodermal origin forming the substance of the crystalline lens of the eye.
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Further functional analysis of this mutation on fiber cell development would illuminate our knowledge with the reasons involved in disruption of ion channels and metabolic inequity in these cells, so that we can get a better view of this communal pathogenesis of lens and this would finally pave paths to enterprise possible genetic and physical therapies.
Core samples (5 mm in diameter) were collected from three trees in each group to measure the wood properties (basic density and compressive strength parallel to the grain in green condition) and anatomical characteristics (wood fiber cell diameter, wood fiber cell wall thickness, wood fiber length, vessel diameter, and vessel element length).
Significant interactions of DIF and cultivar were observed to affect the width of fiber bundle (WFB), the size of fiber cell (SFC), the size of fiber cell cavity (SFCC) and the thickness of fiber cell wall (TFCW).
2007), it removes lignin, wax and oils of the fiber cell walls and disrupt hydrogen bonding in the network structure.
Lignin, on the other hand, is an amorphous phenolic compound that functions as a cementing material and stiffening agent for the cellulose molecules within the fiber cell wall (El Mansouri et al.
A wood fiber cell containing a hypha is indicated by an asterisk.
The enzyme is restricted to the lens in lysosomes, and it fuses the nucleus of the fiber cell, protecting against the degradation of chromatin [24].
Physicochemical and ultrastructural characterization of chambira fiber cell wall completes the anatomical study.
Leading experts in lens development and structure discuss lens induction, evolution, cell cycle regulation, morphology, fiber cell differentiation, and regeneration.
Meloche, a postdoctoral scientist, discovered two unique aspects of redvine tendrils: A compound that sticks the tendril to objects and a unique fiber cell that is involved in both coiling and final stiffening of the tendril.
Since papermaking unit operations also create unwanted (and harmful) changes in the cell wall structure, it is currently impossible to obtain all of the beneficial structural changes (both physical and chemical) in fiber cell walls desired for key product attributes.
A fiberless seed mutation in cotton is associated with lack of fiber cell initiation in ovule epidermis and alterations in sucrose synthase expression and carbon partioning in developing seeds.