retention in the adult of structures or other characteristics that at an earlier stage of evolution were only infantile and were lost as the organism matured.
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Patient discussion about fetalization

Q. How dangerous bipolar can get? it is not a fetal disease , is in it?

A. No it not a fatal disease. If treated properly by a doctor and with proper monitoring by both you and you doctor thier should be no problem. I have been being treated for this for at least 20yrs now and I have learned the signs to look for when I need help. You can do this. Have faith..

Q. I have a little brother who has Fetal Alcolhol syndrome He is 9 yrs. old & was born wi the condition.

A. HELLO jamesis,i am very sorry to here that. right now you are a good sister to him,because you want to help him by learning about your brothers desease. your brother will have a normal life because he has you to help him in life. if you have read any of my answers you now know the reason i always tell people not to drink or drink and drive--im sorry you had to find this out this way. alcohol is a drug, just because it is legal doesnt make a difference. When you get older, and if you have a family like me-you can past this lesson down to your children--you are the hope of the world,because you and your friends can pass the word down to there friends and family and maybe just maybe you can stop mothers from drinking.stay strong if you need anymore questions asked just send we an email.mrfoot56

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