fetal period

fetal period,

n the stage between the third and ninth months of in utero human development, during which there is growth of preformed structures.
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Contemporary academic interest in the fetal period arose at the intersection of three converging influences that were crystallizing in the 1970s.
In the early fetal period, acini develop from the cell clusters at the ends of these tubules (1, 3, 11, 19, 20).
Muscle fiber hyperplasia occurs during the fetal period and is completed by birth in many agricultural animals including sheep (Ashmore et al.
In the fetal period, organ maturation is affected by fetal movement and environmental feedback--the organ will respond to environmental challenges through alteration of its genetic landscape (Hall, 2007).
14) in fetal period Reichertz's cartilage was found to have a cranial and caudal segments.
Detection of rhabdomyomas in the fetal period is important since they can lead to sudden death in some of the cases while they can regress spontaneously in the others.
The abnormalities can be determined in the fetal period with regular monitoring of the pregnancy and fetal echocardiographic examination.
This product is based on several studies that have shown children who receive a suitable contribution of DHA during the fetal period and first years of life show a higher brain development, greater functional capacity, and higher IQ.
The results from the present study indicate that EMF exposure during fetal period has detrimental effects on testicular development and destruction of testicular cords, which may result in subfertility on adulthood.
Around eight weeks gestational age (GA), as the fetal period begins, the developing fetus is approximately 4 cm (1.
Then they fed six pregnant goats wild tree tobacco during the narrowly defined fetal period and confirmed via ultrasound that fetal activity temporarily ceased during exposure to the toxin.
During the fetal period, nutrients are provided passively.