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In the present study, blood loss was significantly more common in patients with APH, non-longitudinal fetal lie and with those women who delivered baby with baby weight >3000 g.
Some studies have documented higher success rates with higher parity and a transverse or oblique fetal lie.
A Labour Admission Test [LAT] was done for 20 min after initial assessment to document vital signs, obstetric examination to confirm the fetal lie, presentation, station, cervical dilatation and status of membranes.
The Robson system classifies all deliveries into one of ten groups on the basis of obstetric history, onset of labour, fetal lie, number of neonates, and gestational age.
Patients with multiple pregnancy, intra-uterine death, previous uterine surgery and abnormal fetal lie were excluded.
Examination of the maternal abdomen helps to confirm the fetal lie and presentation and may give an idea of the position of the fetal back in relation to the uterine midline.
The examiner noted that proper biparietal measurements could not be made because of the fetal lie.
The fetal lie, presentation, assessment of gestational age and placental site were determined.