fetal dystocia

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abnormal labor or childbirth.
fetal dystocia that due to shape, size, or position of the fetus.
maternal dystocia that due to some condition inherent in the mother.
placental dystocia difficult delivery of the placenta.

fe·tal dys·to·ci·a

dystocia due to an abnormality of the fetus.

fe·tal dys·to·ci·a

(fē'tăl dis-tō'sē-ă)
Dystocia due to an abnormality of the fetus.
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In present study, it was observed that deviation of head accounted for nearly two thirds of all cases of fetal dystocia. It was also observed that lateral deviation of head as a cause of fetal dystocia was recorded in a slightly higher number of animals as compared to ventral flexion (Table 3).
Several studies have documented a significant effect of breed of dam on incidence of fetal dystocia in canines.
Of all fetal dystocia cases encountered in present study, 27.91 percent were in brachycephalic breeds (pug and boxers).
A higher frequency of fetal dystocia was also encountered in Dachshunds (7.55%), a breed which has also been recognized to be predisposed for dystocia (Freak, 1948; Gaudet, 1985; Arthur et al., 1989; Darvelid and Linde Forsberg, 1994).