fetal biometry

fetal bi·om·e·try

ultrasound measurement of fetal dimensions to evaluate gestational age.
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Clinical parameters including period of gestation, parity, type of breech and fetal biometry were recorded.
One can do fetal Biometry or Doppler ultrasound to see if the fetus is growing.
Their topics include physical principles and bioeffects of first trimester ultrasound, fetal biometry and pregnancy dating in the first trimester, multiple pregnancies in the first trimester, the fetal gastrointestinal system, and the placenta and umbilical cord.
Hadlock and other foreign fetal biometry curves are used in Pakistan as there are no national normative data derived from local population.
Breed-specific fetal biometry and factors affecting the prediction of whelping date in the German shepherd dog.
The major strength of this paper relies on its prospective design and the use of repeated measurements of fetal biometry.
Following the taking of the swabs, the attending clinician did a standard ultrasound exam to determine fetal biometry, fetal position, cervical length, as well as a digital exam of the cervix.
Fetal biometry including biparietal diameter (BPD), femoral length (FL), abdominal circumference (AC) and estimated fetal weight (EFW) was done.
Ultrasonography (US) in the 1st, or early 2nd trimester, is highly reproducible[8] and widely used for dating, since early biological variability of fetal biometry is minimal.
2) Clinical benefit in diagnosis, treatment planning, and family counseling has been reported for evaluation of facial abnormalities, neural tube defects, skeletal defects, congenital heart disease and the central nervous system1 as well as fetal biometry.