fertilized ovum

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fer·til·ized o·vum

an ovum impregnated by a sperm.
See also: zygote.
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If the donor of the fertilized ovum would register the child as hers, would that not amount to simulation of birth, which is a criminal act because she never delivered the child in the first place?
fertilized ovum has juridical capacity (the effect of which may give the
PGD is genetic diagnosis performed before the fertilized ovum is restored to the uterus.
This open door can be seen from the advice given by the UK Intellectual Property Office following WARF where they commented that "commercial exploitation of inventions concerning [pluripotent HeS] would not be contrary to public policy or morality in the UK." (2) Furthermore, some Member States only legally consider that an embryo comes into existence upon transplantation of a fertilized ovum in the endometrium.
By using appropriate suggestions, the menstrual cycle can be regulated and the uterus rendered inhospitable to the fertilized ovum. In the absence of specific data to account for the phenomena observed, one can only
Once, during a lecture on egg production, I jumped up onto one desk and said that I was the fertilized ovum in a hen.
His research initially centered on how a fertilized ovum becomes an embryo and how ova can be fertilized outside a woman's body (in vitro fertilization).
It is ludicrous to think that a fertilized ovum, an embryo, or even a fetus before at least 20 weeks (probably 25) is a person in any reasonable sense of the term.
Second, because the mechanism by which the drug prevents pregnancy isn't definitely known, some on the committees argued that levonorgestrol could, at least at times, prevent implantation of a fertilized ovum, which some view as a form of abortion, hence unacceptable.
with him, a man cannot cause a woman's body to change from a nonpregnant to a pregnant condition; the only entity that can do that is a fertilized ovum when it implants itself in a woman's uterus.
Simplicity employs the same underlying technology as other pregnancy tests, measuring levels of hCG, the hormone secreted by a fertilized ovum.