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1. Fruitful; capable of conceiving and bearing young. Synonym(s): fecund
2. Impregnated; fertilized.
[L. fertilis, fr. fero, to bear]
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1. Biology
a. Capable of initiating, sustaining, or supporting reproduction.
b. Capable of growing and developing; able to mature: a fertile egg.
2. Botany Bearing functional reproductive structures such as seeds or fruit or material such as spores or pollen.
3. Bearing or producing crops or vegetation abundantly; fruitful.
4. Rich in material needed to sustain plant growth: fertile soil.
5. Highly or continuously productive; prolific: a fertile imagination; a fertile source of new ideas.
6. Physics Capable of producing fissionable material: fertile thorium 232.

fer′tile·ly adv.
fer′tile·ness n.
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1. Fruitful; capable of conceiving and bearing young.
Synonym(s): fecund.
2. Impregnated; fertilized.
[L. fertilis, fr. fero, to bear]
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productive. See FERTILITY.
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Patient discussion about fertile

Q. i just have my period last november 25 and ended on 28.when is my possible fertile and ovulation period please help me identify my fertile and ovulation period

A. If someone knew it, it'd solve the human race many problems with fertility. The problem is that ovulation (and thus, the period of possible fertility) happens 14 days BEFORE the onset of menses, so you know about it only retrospectively.

However there ways such as serial body temperature measuring, along with kits that measures the level of hormones in the urine in order to estimate the time of the coming ovulation, and help in timing intercourse.

You may read more about it here (www.mayoclinic.com/health/ovulation-signs/AN01521 ) but anyway, consulting a doctor (e.g. gynecologist) may be wise.

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Or, you can look for ovulation symptoms and have sex whenever you detect fertile signs.
The company will restore the fertile layer and set out the plants in the territories where tailings of the processing plants in Mirny and Aikhal located.
According to the revenue department data, Mauza Rakhwan has 1,600 acres of fertile agricultural land and now only 150 acres are left which are also on the verge of being engulfed by the river.
It presents a visual representation of your cycle, with period days indicated with a solid red dot, and fertile days represented with a blue dot.
He assured people that MNSUA teachers, staffers and students would surely convert the deserts into fertile land.
The results showed that if the situation does not change the fertile land will become dry and barren.
After adjustment for key maternal and infant characteristics, infants born to subfertile or ART-treated women were more often preterm as compared with infants to fertile mothers.
Methods: The participants consisted of fertile women (n=133) who had at least one healthy living child spontaneously conceived without any fertility treatment and infertile women (n=133) who were diagnosed with primary infertility.
For folks who are uncertain about receiving live animals through the mail, or simply cannot handle the minimum number of day-old chicks that most hatcheries require, incubating fertile eggs is an attractive alternative.
Objective: To compare anti-mullerian hormone among fertile and infertile groups of women in their reproductive age.
Sample--10 newly hatched chicks and 40 fertile eggs to determine intestinal microbiota at hatch, 900 fertile eggs to determine effects of probiotic on hatchability, and 1560 chicks from treated or control eggs.
HCC's Fit, Fertile and Profitable campaign was launched at the Royal Welsh Show and is running throughout the summer, with the aim of sharing best practice among farmers on how to get the most out of their rams.