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Erwin S., U.S. physicist, 1868-1956. See: Ferry-Porter law.
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Speaking on Day 1 of the event, Professor Ferryman will talk more about EU PROTECT and building an advanced biometric-based person identification system for robust border checks.
The Ferryman, written by Jez Butterworth, directed by Sam Mendes and with extraordinary performances from the 20-strong cast, exceeds the expectations that have already assured a West End transfer.
The Ryton ferryman, and passenger, with Ryton Island in the background, around 1900.
TONGAN ticket-man Ofa Fainga'anuku has revealed his joy at crossing from ferryman to full time rugby player.
Eventually, Tristan tells her the truth of what happens - he is the Ferryman and he is to accompany her to the after-life.
The Ballydoyle foursome consists of Afonso De Sousa, the unbeaten Eye Of The Storm, Lines Of Battle and The Ferryman.
She seamlessly weaves traditional stories and myths (Rapunzel's hair, the ferryman on the Styx) into tales that often indirectly reference contemporary social and political issues.
WB: I believe his original plan was to go to Norfolk but they had to turn back at the River Ouse because the ferryman was drunk on turnip gin.
Both reflect the ancient Greek belief in a journey to the afterlife, complete with a trial, a river and a ferryman.
Charon," for example, deals not with a ferryman taking the newly dead across the River Styx but with a bus driver who wants to change routes and go someplace new.
killing first the Quaker ferryman (who is drunk, and never awakes until
A Greek legend is transported to the Land of the Long White Cloud with reasonably entertaining results in the energetically paced Kiwi-Blighty horror pic "The Ferryman.