ferric oxide

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fer·ric ox·ide

(fer'ik oks'īd),
A compound used as a coloring material.


containing iron in its plus-three oxidation state, Fe(III) (sometimes designated Fe3+).

ferric chloride
FeCl3, used as a reagent and topically as an astringent and antiseptic.
ferric cyanoferrate, ferric hexacyanoferrate
ferric oxide
see saccharated iron.
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Observations from Mars Express show that the bright red dust covering much of the planet is enriched in ferric oxides.
The regeneration of alumina succeeded only after preliminary removal of the ferric oxide layer from the surface of the filter medium.
The morphologies of the two pigments (Micrometer red ferric oxide S360 from Shanghai Ferric Oxide Factory, China and nanometer red ferric oxide from Zhejiang Genkey Chemical Co.
Portland cement clinker consists essentially of lime, alumina, silica, ferric oxide, and magnesia.
The extent of its use could even be seen in the shore line, as it was stained red from all the remaining ferric oxide in the sand.
Ferric oxide was chosen for primer, while titanium dioxide was applied in topcoat to get the light color and good covering ability.
Tenders are invited for Field Testing of BMPs Using Granulated Ferric Oxide Media to Remove Dissolved Metals in Roadway Stormwater Runoff
Their destiny unlike that of mortal man Who struggles to earn a crust Their only problem is ferric oxide More commonly known as rust