ferric hydroxide

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fer·ric hy·drox·ide

(fer'ik hī-droks'īd),
A compound previously used, freshly prepared, as an antidote to arsenic poisoning.
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Ferric hydroxide sucrose complex 20mg in 5ml for injection
Van Houthen [19] stated that the load of ferric hydroxide colloid present in many streams, and transported in rivers and the near-shore ocean as a dilute suspension or adsorbed on the surfaces of clay minerals, may be the source of origin of iron minerals in soils.
The presence of ferric hydroxide precipitate does not substantially interfere with the above reaction and the reaction proceeds very rapidly producing a bright yellow color solution as the hexavalent chromium ion is formed.
2]) particles created after divalent manganese oxidation in water form in neutral, and especially, in basic media negatively charged flocks, which should possess higher potential for the removal of radium cations than the ferric hydroxide flocks.
If the electrode serving as the anode is made of iron, some of the iron will go into the water, resulting in the formation of ferric hydroxide, giving it a dirty brown appearance within seconds
Iron compounds exposed to ultra violet light can form ferric hydroxide, which can sink to the bottom as tiny particles and then converted to hematite at temperatures of at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit.
A fourth method, a coagulation/filtration process, uses a ferric chloride liquid and an oxidizing agent such as sodium hypochlorite to create insoluble ferric hydroxide.
After carefully evaluating comparative factors and bench-scale and pilot study data, the city selected a granular ferric hydroxide (GFH) adsorption media from USFilter, Palm Desert, Calif.
Iron dextran is a complex of ferric hydroxide and the carbohydrate dextran.
Limited Tenders are invited for Ferric Hydroxide Sucrose Complex 20 Mg In 5 Ml For Injection