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The areas of core competence of Sartorius BBI Systems GmbH are in the development and production of fermenters and bioreactors for laboratory use, all the way to qualified and automated commercial-scale production systems.
An 80-barrel (2,480-gallon) fermenter and a 100-barrel (3,100-gallon) conditioning tank were specially manufactured according to Kona Brewing Company's specs and shipped from the Pacific Northwest.
The construction of this ethanol-producing facility takes advantage of the existing beer fermenters, grain silos, conveyance systems and the general infrastructure remaining idle in the huge brewery, which was previously owned by Heilman Brewing and, before that, Schmidt Brewing.
Caption: Anderson Valley brewers Lorren Lancaster, Chilo Chavez, and Brit Antrim stand before two new 200-barrel fermenters that will help the Boonville, CA-company boost capacity.
The Praxair technique also allows the fermenters to operate at higher oxygen uptake rates than other means, resulting in the highest possible yield or selectivity improvements.
These fermenters are intended for both teaching and research purposes.
In June 2014, Gevo commenced the co-production of isobutanol and ethanol at Luverne, with one fermenter dedicated to isobutanol production and three fermenters dedicated to ethanol production.
As part of this expansion, we have added two 240-barrel fermenters, and also ordered one 300 barrel bright beer tank, which will take effective production capacity to just under 70,000 barrels for 2015.
The secure boundary wall has been constructed to house the building site for its facility to convert low cost feedstock to organic acids as well as the deep earth fermenters for Omega-3 oil production.
Sue said: " We're still keeping the brewery at a small size, but we're now able to brew every day because we have seven large fermenters.
Chief executive Kevin Brennan said: "We need to increase the capacity of the business, so we're investing in fermenters - they're very expensive, tens of millions of pounds.
Orders for fermenters typically take a few months to complete, so we have time to hopefully make a little more money to get everything we need.