femoral region

fem·o·ral re·gion

the region of the thigh between hip and knee.
Synonym(s): regio femoris [TA]
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It travels along the posterior wall of the pelvis until it exits the pelvis and enters the femoral region. Near the ASIS, the nerve courses in contact with the lateral side of the inguinal ligament.
When the femoral region was reopened, there was significant fibrosis in the traction group, both in vascular bed and vessel periphery, sticking the artery and vein together [Figure 4, right].
A 135 x 90 x 75 mm sized highly intense cystic mass localized in the right inguinal region, extending to the femoral region was detected in the ultrasonographic examination.
It occurs more commonly in the femoral region, it is more frequent in women and it usually involves a segment of distal ileum.
We noticed warmth and subcutaneous bleeding in the left femoral region and suspected an arterial injury due to the surgery (Figure 2(a)).
Additionally, the patient presented with a bigger lesion in the left femoral region. This lesion was an exophytic, papillomatous, verrucous tumor (Fig.
However, during femoral artery interventions, many patients experience pain and discomfort during the removal of catheters previously inserted into the femoral region [2, 3].
The mass was smooth and firm with well-defined edges and tender around the femoral region, and was attached to the underlying structures but not to the skin.
The main disadvantage of US is its efficacy is mainly dependent upon the operator's experience, who may miss the diagnosis by not scanning the inguinal and femoral region or not observing the mass properly with the different types of probes.
When the appropriate reduction had been obtained, a point between the greater trochanter and the lesser trochanter was marked on the skin on the lateral side of the femoral region. The region was incised to insert three or four 7.0mm cannulated screws (AO/ASIF synthes(r), 16 or 32 mm thread length), ensuring the threads of the screws completely passed the fracture region to fix the region with compression.
Although an officer's quality of life would go down dramatically after a gunshot wound to the groin region, an injury to the femoral region is a life-threatening situation.
USG shows hernia in inguinal and upper femoral region. Often it is misdiagnosed as inguinal or femoral hernia.