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Theories, beliefs, and practices that seek to understand the views and the effects of views about women's abilities and realities. Hierarchical structures and power inequities have been found to significantly influence the experience of patients and nurses.
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Feminist Voices is one of the most popular feminist blogs in China and thusly the unjustified censorship garnered much attention across the internet.
She also surveyed 1,397 students on these campuses and observed feminist student groups.
"Making Feminist Media" brings together interviews with magazine editors, research from zine archives, and analysis of the advertising, articles, editorials, and letters to the editor found in third-wave feminist magazines.
Understandably, their feminist activities are often aimed at participation in the policy-making process, including drafting laws and promoting their passage.
Most of the chapters are devoted to in-depth studies of various women's and feminist movements in the Philippines.
How an individual becomes a critically conscious participant in resistance is a question that attracts feminist researchers.
So just what is my definition of a feminist? A person, male or female, who believes in the Merriam-Webster dictionary's definition of feminism: "the theory of the political, economic, and social equality of the sexes''.
Examining Newspaper Coverage of Feminist Issues in the Chechen Conflict.
INTRODUCTION TO FEMINIST THERAPY-Strategies for Social and Individual Change Kathy M.
The editorial collaboration of Elizabeth A Flynn, Patricia Sotirin and Ann Brady, "Feminist Rhetorical Resilience" is a 268-page compendium comprised of seven essays arising from papers submitted to the Fifth Biennial International Feminism and Rhetoric Conference.
to do fieldwork; Chapter Three discusses how bureaucrats engaged in reinventing the MS and how the neoliberalism as a political rationality put the program "in line with contemporary political ideologies"(p.16); Chapter Four explores the tension between feminism and government; Chapter Five examines how feminists' expertise (empathy, movement, and negotiation) while producing desired effects for the MS also led to corruption in the program hierarchy; Chapter Six examines how empowerment, as a feminist technique, ends up with betrayal of feminist politics.
Tamar's Tears: Evangelical Engagements with Feminist Old Testament Hermeneutics.