female pseudohermaphroditism

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fe·male pseu·do·her·maph·ro·dit·ism

pseudohermaphroditism with skeletal and genital anomalies but with female gonads and an XX karyotype.
Synonym(s): androgynism, androgyny (1)
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female pseudohermaphroditism

Endocrinology A type of intersex, in which the ovaries and müllerian derivatives are normally developed, and the anatomical ambisexuality is limited to the external genitalia–ie, 2 ovaries and a 46,XX genotype; FP is most often caused by congenital adrenal hyperplasia. See Intersex disorder.
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fe·male pseu·do·her·maph·ro·di·tism

(fē'māl sū'dō-hĕr-maf'rŏ-di-tizm)
Pseudohermaphroditism with skeletal and genital anomalies (ambiguous external genitalia, e.g., clitoral enlargement) but with female gonads (ovaries).
Synonym(s): androgyny (1) .
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Excessive androgen levels in the female may affect primary sexual characteristics by masculinizing the fetal external genitalia to produce female pseudohermaphroditism or secondary sexual characteristics by inducing changes similar to those characteristic of male puberty to produce virilization.
(2007) [4] DSD were most commonly classified into Female pseudohermaphroditism. Studies by Dessouky (2001) [15] and Joshi et al.
Type I intersexuality (also known as female pseudohermaphroditism) includes individuals having ovaries as a part of any nonstandard mixture of internal and external sexual organs.