female homosexuality

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fe·male ho·mo·sex·u·al·i·ty

erotic predisposition, or activity, including sexual congress, between two women after the age of puberty.
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Sexual preference by women for other women
Medical issues Lesbianism is far less studied medically than male homosexuality. Early studies indicate that lesbians are more often obese, exercise less, smoke more, eat fewer fruits and vegetables, suffer more from anxiety and depression, and are more likely to abuse alcohol and drugs. The trilogy of alcohol abuse, obesity and poor nutrition increases lesbians’ risk of breast, endometrial and ovarian cancers. Sexually-transmitted infections seen in lesbians include bacterial vaginosis, HPV, trichomonas, and herpes. Syphilis, gonorrhoea, and HIV are relatively uncommon in lesbians
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Caprio's study foregrounds two relevant facts in order to understand the success of Hellman's text in post-war America: firstly, Female Homosexuality must have reproduced the circulating discourses on lesbianism which were largely believed by average American citizens and which The Children's Hour ostensibly exemplified; secondly, lesbianism was an issue which worried the nation and, thus, a matter of cultural debate.
Those who received some kind of education about male and female homosexuality exhibited lower social distance levels.
* Female Homosexuality and Health: Are There Specific Concerns?
Even if one accepts Scroggs' generalized reading of the parallelism, it still fails to account for the fact that the mere reference to female homosexuality indicates that Paul does not simply have pederasty in view.
Attitudes toward male and female homosexuality and sex role stereotypes in Israeli and American students.
Where homosexual sex between men was punishable as a sexual vice which weakened the Aryan race, female homosexuality was condemned because it threatened the desired increase in the birthrate.
Approximately two-thirds "strongly disagreed" female homosexuality is a sin (65.3%), "strongly disagreed" the growing number of lesbians represents a decline in American morals (67.9%), "strongly disagreed" female homosexuality threatens basic social institutions (65.7%), and "strongly disagreed" female homosexuality is an inferior form of sex (62.0%).
It provides a new look at feminine homoeroticism that goes beyond Julia Kristeva's ultimately normative account of it by resisting both female homosexuality and mirroring as models for relations between women.
Jennifer Birkett outlines Wittig's efforts at constructing a new utopian myth and dictionary for the lesbian body she envisages, while Emma Wilson attempts to magnify the decidedly (even aggressively) blurred regard Cixous has toward female homosexuality.
The usefulness of Wiesner's textbook derives from several features First, the scope of the work is admirably inclusive, ranging from discussions of menstruation (44-46) and female homosexuality (53-56) to the feminine art of embroidery (148-50).
At the same time, greater public scrutiny of prison lesbianism, and concern about its "contaminating" effect on the society at large, intensified the process of labeling female homosexuality in women's prisons and beyond their walls.
It carefully treats male and female homosexuality and the manner in which men and women could enjoy certain carnal relationships with both sexes freely and without shame.