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Augustus R., U.S. physician, 1895-1963. See: Felty syndrome.
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Managing Patient Expectations and Improving Patient Outcomes: Cindy Felty, RN-CNP, FCCWS
The early Geneva-based stage saw Dr Majno engaged in issues as diverse as the benefits of preoperative irradiation for carcinoma of breast and the surgical management of Felty syndrome.
Negroamaro is characterized by vigorous growth, large leaves with felty hair on the backs, green shoots and large clusters.
Felty silver foliage covers these Mediterranean shrubs reaching 3 feet wide and half as tall.
com or contact Dianne Felty of Midwest Energy Association, (651) 289-9600 x131.
James Felty, head coach of the All-Navy Cross Country team, who is trying to motivate one of his runners to catch a runner from the All Air Force team.
Others in the running this year include Linda Haglund (see the Business Person of the Year category), Marcy Collins of Collins Fashions, Ken Martin of Cashmere Valley Bank, Audrey Bessonette of Peoples Bank and, not surprisingly, Ban Felty of Mills Bros.
Felty, "Possible Effects of Gas Caps on SAGD Performance," Report to the Alberta Environment and Alberta Energy Utilities Board, Canada, March 1997.
21) As Felty was bent over the open rear ramp spotting for AAA fire, an SA-7 hit the aircraft a few feet away from him, spraying fragments through the back compartment.
and Kevin Felty, general manager of Plains Telephone Cooperative (Joes, Colo.
Kevin Felty explains, "there are not many ski resorts in our neck of the woods.