feeling tone

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feel·ing tone

the mental state (pleasure, repugnance, etc.) that accompanies every act or thought.
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Feeling tone: what is said (in the parking lot, at coffee hour, to friends and neighbors) that identifies your church or its leadership: "cold," "lots of conflict," "I don't trust them," "We really are a family at St.
If they succeed in that effort, they may discover that they have created a deep and often lasting bitterness (feeling tone) among a significant number of members that will disrupt the congregation for years.
Entry points for this article are primarily feeling tone (the level of openness and trust) and leaders (pastors, bishops, dominant groups) that we assume are the keys to initiating a change in the level of trust within congregations and synods.
A basic devotion to this ethic, beneath all the Greek and Roman laurels, constituted the feeling tones of a great individual.