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v. fed (fĕd), feeding, feeds
a. To give food to; supply with nourishment: feed the children.
b. To provide as food or nourishment: fed fish to the cat.
a. To serve as food for: The turkey is large enough to feed a dozen.
b. To produce food for: The valley feeds an entire county.
1. To eat. Used of animals: pigs feeding at a trough.
2. To be nourished or supported: an ego that feeds on flattery.
a. Food for animals, especially livestock.
b. The amount of such food given at one time.
2. Informal A meal, especially a large one: We had a great feed at the restaurant.
3. The act of providing food, especially to an animal: food given at one feed.
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Patient discussion about feed

Q. Feeding Tub. How does the Feeding Tub works?

A. Is it easy to feed someone with a feeding tub?. My husband has cancer and can not eat any thing. The cancer is in the voice box.

Q. I gave birth 2 weeks ago and I am having real difficulties breast feeding it hurts really bad, and I am constantly worried that my baby isn't eating enough. What can I do?

A. if it really hurts, maybe you should stop it for a while (maybe there is a micro/small wound at your nipple). You should cure it first then you can soon start breastfeeding your baby again.

Just make sure you have enough drink, be relaxed while breastfeeding, and have enough & healthy nutrition also!
Stay healthy always..

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Rather than waste the meat and tissue of animals that had died, farmers would strip the carcass of meat for human consumption and then boil, sterilize and crush the rest for feeding back to healthy animals.
At least two other supplier offer gravimetric fluff/pellet proportioning systems: HydReclaim Corp., Fenton, Mich., offers its Model 470 Integrated Fluff/Pellet Weight/Loss Blending system; and Brampton Engineering Inc., Brampton, Ontario (represented by Polynetics Inc., Atlanta), sells a system that gravimetrically blends pellets and separately weighs and meters fluff before feeding back into the extruder.
By measuring and continually feeding back the positive effects of interventions on health, you reward doctors who are doing a good job.