feedback system

feed·back sys·tem

1. a complex of neuronal circuits whereby a part of the efferent path returns to the input to modulate its activity, thus acting as a governor on the system;
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He suggested for devising an effective digital Citizen's Feedback System to stop such malpractices.
Questback is a complete feedback system that helps companies transform customer, employee and market research programs.
KDG's feedback system is not only unique because of its transparency.
PESHAWAR -- Two-way feedback system was launched in the provincial capital to provide government departments and elected representatives with real time data for decision-making.
The consultancy outfit will explore feasibility for introduction of a 360 degree feedback system. This is especially for the executive cadre for their development, BOI executives said.
8,619,051, "Haptic Feedback System with Stored Effects".
The application has an inbuilt feedback system that sends SMS and makes automated calls to farmers to gather their feedback on the procurement process.
Lehmans Law L8: Feedback System perceived that product frameworks are installed inside different situations that can give criticism being developed of advanced programming variant [9].
Travel Business Review-October 19, 2016--London City Airport introduces real-time customer feedback system to improve airport experience