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v. fed (fĕd), feeding, feeds
a. To give food to; supply with nourishment: feed the children.
b. To provide as food or nourishment: fed fish to the cat.
a. To serve as food for: The turkey is large enough to feed a dozen.
b. To produce food for: The valley feeds an entire county.
1. To eat. Used of animals: pigs feeding at a trough.
2. To be nourished or supported: an ego that feeds on flattery.
a. Food for animals, especially livestock.
b. The amount of such food given at one time.
2. Informal A meal, especially a large one: We had a great feed at the restaurant.
3. The act of providing food, especially to an animal: food given at one feed.
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Patient discussion about feed

Q. Feeding Tub. How does the Feeding Tub works?

A. Is it easy to feed someone with a feeding tub?. My husband has cancer and can not eat any thing. The cancer is in the voice box.

Q. I gave birth 2 weeks ago and I am having real difficulties breast feeding it hurts really bad, and I am constantly worried that my baby isn't eating enough. What can I do?

A. if it really hurts, maybe you should stop it for a while (maybe there is a micro/small wound at your nipple). You should cure it first then you can soon start breastfeeding your baby again.

Just make sure you have enough drink, be relaxed while breastfeeding, and have enough & healthy nutrition also!
Stay healthy always..

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Steers were distributed to receive one of the following diets: control (CON), feed grade urea (U2, Reforce N, Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), polymer-coated slow-release urea A (SRA2, Polymer-coated slow-release urea without sulphur in composition, Petrobras, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil), and polymer-coated slow-release urea B (SRB2, Polymer-coated slow-release urea with 29.5 g/kg DM of sulphur content, Petrobras).
The company management told Feedinfo News Service that feed grade Threonine is at trial production stage at its production facility in Inner Mongolia.
Based on the type, pea hull fiber market can be segmented into food grade pea hull fiber and feed grade pea hull fiber.
By grade, citric acid anhydrous market can be categorized into food grade, pharmaceutical grade, industrial grade and feed grade. The citric acid anhydrous market can be segmented by its form, such as powder and granular.
"This reflects the initial work completed under the transformation programme, announced earlier this year, which resulted in improvements in several key areas of the flow sheet, including scheduling, feed grade and overall plant recoveries."
In 2018, the operation milled 352,000 tonnes of ore or 964 tonnes per day, another operating record, while average gold mill feed grade was an impressive 9.16 g/t.
Said Bannerman "Work to date has highlighted the potential to increase the ore feed grade to the processing plant.
Plant Feed Grade vs Tails Assay Grade (Refer Appendix 2 for details).
M2 EQUITYBITES-September 2, 2011-The Mosaic Company to unveil next generation feed grade Nexfos following patent approval(C)2011 M2 COMMUNICATIONS http://www.m2.com
The discovery of dioxin in Chinese-manufactured vitamin A palmitate feed grade in March, followed by the detection of the contaminant in Ukrainian organic maize for use in organic poultry feed in April-May are the latest demonstrations that dioxin is a recurring problem in the European animal feed industry.
Production of feed grade supplemental amino acids by bio-fermentation allowed nutritionists to formulate accurate feed for optimal lean growth and reduced nitrogen excretion.