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v. fed (fĕd), feeding, feeds
a. To give food to; supply with nourishment: feed the children.
b. To provide as food or nourishment: fed fish to the cat.
a. To serve as food for: The turkey is large enough to feed a dozen.
b. To produce food for: The valley feeds an entire county.
1. To eat. Used of animals: pigs feeding at a trough.
2. To be nourished or supported: an ego that feeds on flattery.
a. Food for animals, especially livestock.
b. The amount of such food given at one time.
2. Informal A meal, especially a large one: We had a great feed at the restaurant.
3. The act of providing food, especially to an animal: food given at one feed.
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Patient discussion about feed

Q. Feeding Tub. How does the Feeding Tub works?

A. Is it easy to feed someone with a feeding tub?. My husband has cancer and can not eat any thing. The cancer is in the voice box.

Q. I gave birth 2 weeks ago and I am having real difficulties breast feeding it hurts really bad, and I am constantly worried that my baby isn't eating enough. What can I do?

A. if it really hurts, maybe you should stop it for a while (maybe there is a micro/small wound at your nipple). You should cure it first then you can soon start breastfeeding your baby again.

Just make sure you have enough drink, be relaxed while breastfeeding, and have enough & healthy nutrition also!
Stay healthy always..

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Uptake of fenbendazole by grazing sheep with access to feed blocks containing fen-bendazole.
Alternatively, farmers can give 2kg of fresh straw or provide 5-6 feed blocks per 100 ewes per week.
"If a farmer wants to get a group of sheep attached to an area of hill quickly, strategicallyplaced feed blocks can definitely help, " said Owen Davies, researcher at the Agricultural Development and Advisory Service's (Adas) Pwllpeiran centre, near Aberystwyth.
20 August 2013 - UK agriculture, food and engineering group Carra[euro](tm)s Milling Industries Plc (LON:CRM) on Tuesday said its fully-owned US unit AFS Inc is setting up a 50/50 joint venture with Consumer Supply Distributing LLC (CSD) to produce its patented low-moisture feed block products.
The severe US weather resulted in record sales of feed blocks, while also increasing recognition of the firm's brands.
The rest - around 1,150- are grazed outdoors and given 27 tonnes of feed blocks to supplement the saved grass.
The Carlisle-based company offers a range of services, including farm machinery, feed blocks for livestock and a UK network of rural stores, as well as a facility footprint covering the UK, Europe and North America, supplying customers in 31 countries.
To give you an example, my four Sussex heifers spent last winter with two pure Welsh Blacks of the same age on a diet of ad-lib ropey hay and feed blocks.
The firm was bolstered by torrential storms in the US, raising the need for its feed blocks and other agricultural products, while a milder winter here in the UK had an adverse effect on sales.
Launching the Rumevite initiative are,from left, Welsh Charolais region's chairman, Alwyn Rees of Machynlleth; Rumenco's David Thornton; breeder,Kevin Thomas,and BCCS Wales council member,Griff Morris RUMEVITE feed blocks worth pounds 3,000 are on offer for the leading Charolais herds in Wales.
is investing in the JV to produce its patented low-moisture feed blocks.