fee-for-service plan

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fee-for-ser·vice plan

(fē sĕrvis plan)
A mechanism of reimbursement for services rendered; in dentistry, the agreement of patients to pay money for dental treatment as it is rendered; sometimes called indemnity insurance.
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As with fee-for-service plans, you need to read policies carefully to determine what services will be covered and what won't.
Private fee-for-service plans may offer supplemental benefits that include payment for some or all of the permitted balance billings amounts and additional services that the plan determines are medically necessary.
For example, an establishment may offer two separate plans, an HMO for salaried employees only and a fee-for-service plan for hourly employees only.
The longitudinal design permits us to study selection over time as patients switched between prepaid and fee-for-service plans, and how these switches were related to service utilization.
Choices for federal employees include 14 fee-for-service plans and nearly 400 Health Maintenance Organizations.
Coinsurance--the amount you are required to pay for medical care in a fee-for-service plan after you have met your deductible.
From last December through April, CMS officials received about 2,700 complaints from beneficiaries regarding Medicare Advantage plans, with many of those complaints relating to private fee-for-service plans.
With the birth of their first child, Christopher, 16 years ago, Guelda and Cornell Slade of Houston had a traditional fee-for-service plan.
So, if you choose a fee-for-service plan, you pay that full increment.
Most employees are familiar with fee-for-service plans, the prevailing benefit offering for years.
Under the title of "private fee-for-service plans," there is an option in Medicare under which senior citizens can choose health insurance whose value is not limited by what the government may pay toward it.
They will pay more to use out-of-network doctors or to participate in a fee-for-service plan providing access to more doctors.