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1. Fruitful; capable of conceiving and bearing young. Synonym(s): fecund
2. Impregnated; fertilized.
[L. fertilis, fr. fero, to bear]
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(fē′kənd, fĕk′ənd)
a. Capable of producing offspring or vegetation; fruitful: "The smell of mud, of mush, the primeval smell of fecund earth, seemed to sting our faces" (Joseph Conrad).
b. Characterized by or suggestive of fertility: "Deep in the end of the back yard, the blossoming peach tree shone like a celestial sentinel. The fecund air lavished upon their faces the tenderness of a lover's adoring hands" (James Agee).
2. Characterized by intellectual productivity: a fecund mind.
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1. Fruitful; capable of conceiving and bearing young.
Synonym(s): fecund.
2. Impregnated; fertilized.
[L. fertilis, fr. fero, to bear]
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Patient discussion about fecund

Q. What is the connection between alcoholism & male fertility? If a guy drank heavily for many years, then stayed sober for many years, would his ability to impregnate a woman disappear, or be at all diminished, as a result of his years as a hard-core alcoholic? In other words, would he not have to worry about using any birth control because in his situation it was rendered unnecessary due to the negative effects of long-term drinking? And would such bad effects, if indeed they had kicked in, have been canceled out by a long period of sobriety after the drinking years?

A. i"ve been sober for six years now,drank heavily for 12 years,i now have three kids,so in other words wrap that rascal,lol

Q. Can cystic fibrosis patients have children? My boyfriend has cystic fibrosis, and currently he’s treated with many medications but usually healthy (other than pneumonia from hospitalization from time to time). I heard that men with cystic fibrosis can’t have children - is that true? Is there anything he can do about it?


Q. Do women with cystic fibrosis have difficult pregnancy? My wife has cystic fibrosis, and after 3 year of marriage we decided we want a baby. I know that men with cystic fibrosis are usually infertile and can’t have children- is that the case also for women with cystic fibrosis? Is the pregnancy in women with cystic fibrosis more problematic? Is it dangerous?

A. Before you attempt a pregnancy, you should consult her doctor to make sure she can tolerate it, because very severe disease can make the pregnancy dangerous for her. If her disease isn’t so severe, usually there are no special problems.

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That exposure during hibernation may have cued something physiologically to make the animals more fecund. So, another refrigerated hibernation unit is on the way to the hatchery, and Paddock expects the toads to show even greater reproductive success in 2007.
Written and directed by Fecund artistic director John Keates, it features a couple whose relationship embraces bondage and sado-masochism.
Though some critics see this as an example of the fecund creativity of the OMA atelier; where no intelligence is squandered, it does seem a decidedly lazy and disingenuous way of making buildings.
The fish are larger in body size and more fecund, that is, they make more eggs, and the eggs that they do produce are more viable because the bigger females that are present in marine reserves--those that have escaped fishing pressure--make bigger eggs.
These articles--along with work by other scholars, some predating mine--triggered a massive international debate that has proved one of the most fecund controversies in recent scholarly and public life.
Its fecund, primitive sensuousness is echoed in a group of mysterious Cycladic marble figures whose draw as objects of veneration is palpable despite their unknown function.
That's where breeding helped; by crossing the strongest and most fecund cattle, offspring have grown bigger, faster.
The question remains, as I suggested in the closing paragraphs of my study, of why there is still such resistance, especially in Spain, to the notion that the uniquely beautiful, uniquely powerful, uniquely fecund cultural complex we call Hispanic civilization might be the product of an Aryan-Semitic convivencia/dialectic.
With more rapidly aging, and eventually falling populations, countries like China, Russia, France, and Germany simply be unable to compete with the fecund United States, Wattenberg concludes.
In all, 196 interviewees in the study group had had a probable and first-time case of venous thromboembolism, were not pregnant, were fecund and were not using an oral contraceptive containing 50 mcg or more of estrogen.
The assertion that Trumbo pointed "the FBI to Hollywood figures he believed were suspiciously anti-war" is a product of Garvin's fecund imagination.
At the core of these is desire, and Smith leads us, dreamlike, through its fecund terrain.