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 [an″te-, an″ti-pi-ret´ik]
1. effective against fever; called also antifebrile.
2. something having this effect, such as a cold pack, aspirin, or quinine; antipyretic drugs dilate the blood vessels near the surface of the skin, thereby allowing more blood to flow through the skin, where it can be cooled by the air. An antipyretic can also increase perspiration, the evaporation of which cools the body. Called also febricide and febrifuge.


1. Reducing fever. Synonym(s): antifebrile, febrifugal
2. An agent that reduces fever (for example, acetaminophen, aspirin). Synonym(s): febrifuge
[anti- + G. pyretos, fever]


A medication that reduces fever; an antipyretic.
Acting to reduce fever.



noun An older term for an agent which reduces fever; antipyretic.


A substance that reduces fever.
[L. febris, fever, + fugo, to put to flight]


Anything that reduces a fever. From Latin febris , fever and fugare , to drive away.


A plant substance that acts to prevent or reduce fever.
Mentioned in: Echinacea


n temperature-reducing aid. See also antipyretic.


an agent that reduces body temperature in fever; antipyretic.
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Ensuite vient l'Eucalyptus dont les feuilles sont utilisees, en infusion, comme rafraichissant et febrifuge (Annexe 2).
The possible passage of information of the ethnomedicinal use of the plant as a febrifuge could have been both land- and sea-based.
as antispasmodic, diaphoretic, vulnerary, diuretic, antiasthamatic, febrifuge and as sedative agents [5-7].
The plant is also used in liver diseases, asthma and fever, gingivitis, febrifuge and epilepsy (Msonthi and Magombo, 1983; Morton, 1987).
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The plant is used in Ayurveda as a febrifuge, and is known as Kaalmegha.
Aloysia triphilla and Aloysia polystachya) includes febrifuge, sedative, anxiolytic, stomachic, diuretic and antispasmodic activities (Hellion-Ibarrola et al.
Medical Uses: The plant is used as an anthelmintic, laxative and for treating dyspepsia, also used for skin disorders, the seeds are used as fomentation in painful swelling, against stomach pain, febrifuge and blood purifier.
Alstonia scholaris has been mentioned in Ayurvedic texts as Saptaparna, and is used as a febrifuge.
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