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Malibu Flamingo feather cushion adds colour and a bit of fun
Above - Aran feather cushion Left - Marius clock Right -Antique grey clock
THESE soft feather cushion covers, left, are pounds 19.
We achieved this by using 50 per cent goose and 50 per cent feather cushions.
com Jump into a Jane Austen novel with these sumptuous duck feather cushions enveloped in a soft cotton cover depicting a landscape garden scene straight from an aristocratic countryside retreat.
The soft linen fabric and deep 100% goose feather cushions that feature in our generously proportioned Galena Corner Group make it extra squishy while able to hold its shape, while the versatile grey will look good in most decor schemes.
One of his largest works to date was a 13ft-long purple velvet sofa, complete with giant feather cushions, which he sold to Sergio Pizzorno for pounds 8,000.