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(faw'shăl), Do not confuse this word with facial or fascial.
Relating to the fauces.


Relating to the fauces.


(fo'sez) [L.]
The constricted opening leading from the oral cavity to the oropharynx. It is bounded by the soft palate, the base of the tongue, and the palatine arches. The anterior pillars of the fauces are known as the glossopalatine arch, and the posterior pillars as the pharyngopalatine arch.
See: fossafaucial (-shal), adjective
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Though nasolabial flap can cover a large area up to anterior faucial pillars, adaptation of this flap to this area is difficult and in the experience of many surgeons, the posterior teeth ([1.
On examination with a Jackson laryngoscope, there were no mucosal abnormalities, but a generalized fullness of the left piriform sinus and vallecula was observed, as well as some fullness of the lingual tonsils and faucial pillars.
6) Coincidental tuberculosis of the faucial tonsils of suckling infants has been suggested as one of the common routes of spread of breast tuberculosis from the suckling infant to the nipple and in turn to the lactating breast via lactiferous ducts.
The primary tumor is usually identified in the base of the tongue, in the lingual tonsil, or in the faucial tonsil region.
In advanced OSMF, oral mucosa becomes blanched and slightly opaque and white fibrous bands appear involving the buccal mucosa, lips, soft palate, faucial pillars and tongue.
Anatomical characteristics of palatoglossus and the anterior faucial pillar.
The 5-year-old boy exhibited blood-tinged sputum immediately after tonsillectomy; he subsequently developed diffuse and intensive bilateral bleeding that required surgical treatment 2 days later (his faucial pillars were sutured together).