fatty infiltration

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1. the pathological accumulation in tissue or cells of substances not normal to them or in amounts in excess of the normal.
2. infiltrate (def. 2).
3. the deposition of a solution directly into tissue; see infiltration anesthesia.
adipose infiltration fatty infiltration.
calcareous infiltration deposit of lime and magnesium salts in the tissues.
cellular infiltration the migration and accumulation of cells within the tissues.
fatty infiltration
1. a deposit of fat in tissues, especially between cells.
2. the presence of fat vacuoles in the cell cytoplasm.
intravenous infiltration
1. the movement of a needle or cannula from within a vessel into the surrounding tissue. The typical symptoms are a slowed flow of fluids, swelling, pallor, coolness of the skin, and discomfort in the area; severity of the symptoms will depend on the amount and type of fluid infused.
2. inadvertent administration of parenteral fluid into the tissues.
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fat·ty in·fil·tra·tion

abnormal accumulation of fat droplets in the cytoplasm of cells, particularly of fat derived from outside the cells.
See also: fatty degeneration.
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fat·ty in·fil·tra·tion

(fat'ē in'fil-trā'shŭn)
Abnormal accumulation of fat droplets in the cytoplasm of cells, particularly of fat derived from outside the cells.
See also: fatty degeneration
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The tMRI revealed fatty infiltration in 22 patients and edema in 11 patients [Figure 2]a and [Figure 2]b.
We found no change in hepatic vein in case of haemangioma of liver and in fatty infiltration of liver.
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Fatty infiltration can be detected on the black blood T1-weighted images as well as the cine bright blood images.
Fatty infiltration of the liver may be the most common cause of mild liver abnormalities.
This marked fatty infiltration has played a part so important in the classroom work of teaching pathology and has been the subject of so much illustration and description ever since instruction in such details of disease has been practiced, that the alteration may be regarded as familiar to all physicians.
Cirrhosis is one of the processes that may be associated with fatty infiltration. Others include steroid therapy, diabetes mellitus and nutritional diseases.
The typical cross-sectional imaging finding of perivascular fatty infiltration is the tram-like configuration for vessel segments parallel to the imaging plane, and a ringlike or round configuration for vessel segments perpendicular to the imaging plane (12) (Fig.
Liver has been described to have four sonographic grades with grade 0 depicting normal hepatic echogenicity while grade 1, 2 and 3 representing increasing fatty infiltration resulting in obscured margins of intrahepatic vasculature and the diaphragmatic outline9.
There have been limited reports about unilateral ptosis resulting from TAO in the literature.[sup][2],[3],[4] Grove [sup][1] previously reported on fatty infiltration between the levator muscle and Muller's muscle, connective tissue proliferation forming adhesions to the levator muscle, and degenerative changes within the levator muscle.
Hepatotoxicity was manifested in the form of acute sinusoidal dilatation with congestion, vacuolisation and pyknosis of hepatocytes and fatty infiltration. However, no apoptosis or dissolution of hepatic cords was observed in these groups.
(3) When compared to patients with preoperative active external rotation, those with posterior rotator cuff deficiency (fatty infiltration of the teres minor) have poorer clinical outcomes.