fatty atrophy

fat·ty at·ro·phy

fatty infiltration secondary to an atrophy of the essential elements of an organ or tissue.
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* Fatty atrophy of muscle belly in the complete tear as hyperintensity on T1WI associated with loss of volume.
Clinical outcomes after decompression of the nerve to the teres minor in patients with idiopathic isolated teres minor fatty atrophy. J.
The dependent variable for each reader was the binary assessment of concordance or discordance between that reader's coronal and sagittal classifications of fatty atrophy in each location (supraspinatus or infraspinatus) for each patient.
###Intramuscular hemorrhage, necrosis, fibrosis and fatty atrophy in a patient with pain, swelling and palpable soft tissue
It encompasses a spectrum of diseases including muscle inflammation, ischaemia, haemorrhage, infarction, necrosis, fibrosis and fatty atrophy. With a typical clinical presentation and MRI findings, a confident diagnosis can usually be made, thereby avoiding the potentially harmful biopsy.21
There was evidence of fatty atrophy in 5 cases and muscle edema in 2 cases of patients with full thickness and partial thickness tears, occurring more in patients with full thickness tears.
There was an increased incidence of fatty atrophy and muscle edema in patients with rotator cuff tears, more so, in patients with full thickness tears.
(38,39) Along these lines, Shen et al demonstrated a significant positive correlation between supraspinatus fatty atrophy preoperatively with postsurgical functional outcomes.
(89) Warner et al further expanded fatty atrophy evaluation using sagittal oblique T1-weighted MR images just medial to the coracoid.
Chronic denervation of the tongue is characterized by fatty atrophy of muscle with increased fat content between muscle fascicles.
Fatty atrophy was found in the intrinsic foot muscles.
MRI findings in the follow-up study: Infiltration and interruption of the subcutaneous fat was found plantar to the interphalangeal (IP) joint of digit 1, and fatty atrophy in the intrinsic foot muscles.