fatigue strength

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fa·tigue strength

the stress level below which a particular component will survive an indefinite number of load cycles (typically about 50% of the ultimate strength of the component).
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However, aside from weld geometry and possible misalignment of the welded plates, other factors are also responsible for the observed reduction of fatigue strength, [S.
Morrow (7) also shows that fatigue strength and ductility exponents (b and c) can be estimated from cyclic strain hardening exponent (n'), according to:
4) Fatigue strength was the most significant factor (design driving factor) in the optimization of this connecting rod.
Fatigue strength was evaluated by the double-drum and curb-drop tests (DDT and CDT, respectively).
The fatigue strength for 50 million cycles of reversed stress is approximately 27 percent of the static modulus of rupture (MOR) for the species investigated (yellow birch, yellowpoplar, Sitka spruce, and Douglas-fir).
Nevertheless, the lower melting point and the improved fatigue strength may be a decisive factor when choosing these alloys.
Corrosion fatigue strength: Higher corrosion fatigue strength directly results in a longer shell life.
The proposed material alternatives (steel) provide higher fatigue strength for the component.
A damaged part surface can in turn compromise fatigue strength, which is one of the reasons why maintaining the edge condition of the insert is so important when machining superalloys.
It makes hard metals harder and denser and improves their fatigue strength.