fatigue state

fa·tigue state

(fă-tēg' stāt)
Exhaustion or loss of strength and/or endurance following a strenuous activity.
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Compared with R-FP, SJ-FP required significantly less intervention time to produce a fatigue state (SJ-FP: 4.3 [+ or -] 0.98 vs.
'The woman, believed to be suffering from depression, was found in the jungle about 200 metres from her house, and in a fatigue state with minor cuts all over her body.
The experiment was performed from 13:00 to 17:00 hours in a temperature controlled room with continuous peg transfer task 20 times, in order to make the subjects into fatigue state.
Future research in investigating bilateral leg differences in kicking performance in relation to kick accuracy and fatigue state is warranted.
From the figure we can see, with prolonging of continuous driving time, when the driver is in moderate fatigue state, the increase magnitude of steering wheel's operating frequency increases.
First, when the subjects had been driving for 20 minutes, the last 5-minute recorded EEG signal was labeled as normal state; second, when the continuous driving procedure lasted 60-120 minutes until the questionnaire results show the subject was in driving fatigue, obeying Lee's subjective fatigue scale and Borg's CR-10 scale [29, 30], the last 5-minute recorded EEG signal was labeled as fatigue state. All channel data were referenced to two electrically linked mastoids at A1 and A2, digitized at 1000 Hz from a 32-channel electrode cap (including 30 effective channels and 2 reference channels) based on the International 10-20 System (Figure 2).
Although increasing EMG amplitude and decreasing spectral values used to reflect the fatigue state [24] EMG amplitude parameters like RMS can still obscure in terms of fatigue assessment in dynamic activities.
Therefore, it is particularly important to detect driving fatigue and then alleviate this fatigue state efficiently.
To achieve the monitoring functions of drivers' fatigue state, the human body features and actions should be efficiently analyzed.
OIt asks the data, Owhat differentiates A from B?O And then finds out what differentiates A from B and builds the predictive model based on that.O If the model determines something like eye movement does not provide any clear changes between the rested and fatigue state, it gives zero weight to that signal Gast says.
The first 20 percent endurance time was defined as fresh state, whereas the 100 percent endurance time was defined as fatigue state.