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1. A condition, disease, or disaster ending in death.
2. An individual instance of death.


(fā-tăl′ĭ-tē, fə-)
n. pl. fatali·ties
a. A death resulting from an accident or disaster: highway fatalities.
b. One who is killed as a result of such an occurrence: The driver was one of the fatalities.
2. The ability to cause death or disaster.


Etymology: L, fatalis, preordained
1 an individual case of death.
2 a condition, disease, accident, or disaster resulting in death.


Public health Death; a death, usually understood to be accidental in nature. See Occupational fatality.

Patient discussion about fatality

Q. which is the most fatal cancer type?

A. pancreatic- cancer that develops from pancreas cells:


Q. Which among them is fatal? I want to know the types of bipolar disorders and how to differentiate them? Which among them is fatal?

A. Bipolar disorders are of 3 types: Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2 and Cyclothymic . Bipolar 1 affected person has severe mood swings from high mania to depression and here treatment is given for mania. A bipolar 2 disorder episode involves mild mania also called hypomania that alternate with depression and this depression episode needs treatment. Cyclothymic disorder person have milder mood changes.Bipolar 1 person tend to have more fatal symptoms.

Q. Is arthritis a dangerous illness? Is it fatal? My girlfriend was diagnosed with arthritis 3 days ago and I'm really scared. need to know some details...

A. so is there anything I can do to help her?

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The Newman Government is supporting Fatality Free Friday (May 31) reinforcing the government s ongoing commitment to curb the rising road toll.
The fatality rate for railroad occupations improved from 1993-97 to 1998-2002, declining from 25 to 15.
Of the 29 cases identified by the fatality census, nine involved workers who were struck by objects, eight involved transportation-related incidents and five resulted from falls.
Magazine, found an inverse relationship between boating experience and boating fatality rates: People with the least experiences had a higher fatality rate.
The death toll dropped in consecutive years in 2002 and 2003, with five fatalities and one fatality, respectively.
The projected fatality data for 2009, gathered by NHTSA, places the highway fatality count at 33,963, a drop of 8.
Alcoa Foundation is pleased to support IUP's efforts to host a forum focused on the value of human life and the critical aspects of fatality prevention," Shockey said.
And that begins by defining exactly what constitutes a child abuse or neglect fatality.
Most important, Zero Fatalities is helping save lives, as evidenced by the continued downward trend in fatality rates.
In these instances, there is one fatal incident and one fatality associated with it.
The fatality is the third since April on Avenue G east of the Antelope Valley Freeway.
The Fatality Analysis Reporting System As A Tool For Investigating Racial And Ethnic Determinants Of Motor Vehicle Crash Fatalities" (Accident Analysis & Prevention)