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But I also think that fatalistic attitude is decreasing.
Describing the training regime as ``problematic'', the retired officer said: ``Too often, we thought the culture that prevailed was tough, unquestioning and a little fatalistic in character.
But in the round, too often we thought that the culture was tough, unquestioning, and fatalistic in character.'
Just as the Chicago writers responded to the failures of the Harlem Renaissance, the last group of novelists Rodgers analyzes responded to the naturalistic and fatalistic renderings of migration by writers such as Wright and Attaway.
Arguing against a "fatalistic acceptance" (48) of the economic status quo, P.
However, Nadine's idyll with Tass has a fatalistic, doomed quality--it's just too much like lotus eating.
Nor were the people who sought them fatalistic. The inhabitants of Braunschweig-Wolfenbuttel seemed to use doctors and healers almost interchangeably, but they did have recourse to them.
For many affected by HIV, participation in sports has become the secret weapon to fight fatalistic images of morbidly ill AIDS sufferers.
Perhaps she was more fatalistic than her colleagues (having started her training when there was no hope for performing).
Under such circumstances, youngsters develop ambivalent or avoidant attachments that imbue them with a sense of fatalistic opportunism regarding close relationships.
Hardy's last work of fiction, Jude the Obscure is also one of his most gloomily fatalistic, depicting the lives of individuals who are trapped by forces beyond their control.
The first statewide voucher initiative he drafted lost by more than 2-to-1 at the polls in 1990, and he is fatalistic about the second try, due next year.