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Pertaining to or causing death; denoting especially inevitability or inescapability of death.
[L. fatalis, of or belonging to fate]
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Pertaining to or causing death; denoting especially inevitability or inescapability of death.
[L. fatalis, of or belonging to fate]
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Patient discussion about fatal

Q. which is the most fatal cancer type?

A. pancreatic- cancer that develops from pancreas cells:


Q. Which among them is fatal? I want to know the types of bipolar disorders and how to differentiate them? Which among them is fatal?

A. Bipolar disorders are of 3 types: Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2 and Cyclothymic . Bipolar 1 affected person has severe mood swings from high mania to depression and here treatment is given for mania. A bipolar 2 disorder episode involves mild mania also called hypomania that alternate with depression and this depression episode needs treatment. Cyclothymic disorder person have milder mood changes.Bipolar 1 person tend to have more fatal symptoms.

Q. Is arthritis a dangerous illness? Is it fatal? My girlfriend was diagnosed with arthritis 3 days ago and I'm really scared. need to know some details...

A. so is there anything I can do to help her?

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Majority of the victims sustained head injuries, which proved fatal.'
NST further reported that Johor, Perak and Selangor recorded the highest fatal accident rates in the country for three consecutive years from 2015 to 2017.
However, the people must secure themselves by this fatal ailment whose major cause is unsafe sexual practices and the government is urgedp to establish more centers in Balochistan where the HIV/AIDS patients get proper treatment.
Bong Nebrija, MMDA traffic czar, said yesterday that fatal accidents on these roads usually happen in the "wee hours, which means there is no traffic so motorists usually speed up." He said these five roads cannot be considered accident-prone areas as the fatal crashes are "self-inflicted" accidents and not because of the roads' design.
This is further confirmed by the percentage of accidents that were fatal, as depicted in the top charts.
"However, few epidemiological studies have assessed the causal role of prescription opioids in fatal motor vehicle crashes."
Among the main causes of fatal occupational accidents in this sector are falls from heights with an average of 25%, followed by the fall of heavy objects on workers and electrocution with a rate of 10%, noted director of the prevention at the National Health Insurance Fund (CNAM) Rafik Dakhli.
However 2018 has seen a spike in the number of road deaths in North Wales with 33 fatal incidents so far since January.
Fink, M.P.H., from Columbia University in New York City, and colleagues examined whether PDMP implementation correlates with changes in non-fatal and fatal overdoses and identifies features of programs differentially associated with those outcomes.
Sharing details of the Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI), he said, 'The provincial EPI has been battling 10 fatal diseases affecting our children.' He said that preventive measures taken by the provincial health department had stopped the viruses, including the notorious rotavirus, from spreading in Balochistan.
A study conducted in Islamabad reveals that among 250 reported fatal RTCs, pedestrians were involved in 141(56%) fatal crashes causing 144(53.3%) pedestrian fatalities out of a total of 270 life losses.19