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Pertaining to or causing death; denoting especially inevitability or inescapability of death.
[L. fatalis, of or belonging to fate]


/fa·tal/ (fa´t'l) mortal; lethal; causing death.


Etymology: L, fatum, what has been spoken
causing death.


Pertaining to or causing death; denoting especially inevitability or inescapability of death.
[L. fatalis, of or belonging to fate]


causing death; deadly; mortal; lethal.

Patient discussion about fatal

Q. which is the most fatal cancer type?

A. pancreatic- cancer that develops from pancreas cells:


Q. Which among them is fatal? I want to know the types of bipolar disorders and how to differentiate them? Which among them is fatal?

A. Bipolar disorders are of 3 types: Bipolar 1, Bipolar 2 and Cyclothymic . Bipolar 1 affected person has severe mood swings from high mania to depression and here treatment is given for mania. A bipolar 2 disorder episode involves mild mania also called hypomania that alternate with depression and this depression episode needs treatment. Cyclothymic disorder person have milder mood changes.Bipolar 1 person tend to have more fatal symptoms.

Q. Is arthritis a dangerous illness? Is it fatal? My girlfriend was diagnosed with arthritis 3 days ago and I'm really scared. need to know some details...

A. so is there anything I can do to help her?

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IPAF also reviewed the MEWP fatal injury rate against other relevant industry sectors, but the research found little commonality between industries in the way that fatalities are reported or tracked.
Fatal Crash Causes - Snow vs Rain Via: Auto Insurance Center Environmental conditions: Snow vs.
Injuries were the leading cause of fatal burden in those aged under 45, after which cancers and cardiovascular diseases were most prominent.
Construction laborers accounted for 15 percent of fatal occupational injuries to contractors, compared with 4 percent of all fatal occupational injuries.
Actual number (n) of fatal cases is not presented but the related percentages are mentioned.
Editor's Note: The subjects included men and women with a history of heart attack within the decade prior to enrollment in the Alpha Omega Trial, which sought to determine the effects of EPA, DHA, and ALA on fatal coronary heart disease and ventriculararrhythmia related events.
The Traffic Division is working with fewer officers, like many divisions in the department, but is still yielding positive results such as the decrease in fatal crashes, the lieutenant said.
Despite the negative figures in 2010, Ascend has stated that the decade's fatal accident rate of one per 1.
The review added: "If this is the case, the capacity for officers to look at serious, near fatal collisions will be very limited if burnout is to be avoided.
EASA reported that 2009 had the fewest fatal aviation accidents on record for its 31 member states, comprising the 27 EU nations plus Iceland, Switzerland, Norway and Liechtenstein.
2 : causing ruin or failure <a fatal mistake>