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Taken with the 68 reported MEWP fatalities worldwide during that year, the fatal injury rate was calculated at 0.
Demographic # Fatal Injuries * Surface 23 Powered Haulage 8 Slips & Falls 6 Age 50-59 11 Experience Less than 5-years 11 Mine Site Experience less than 5-years 16 Job/Task Experience less than 5-years 16 Monday 9 Friday 7 Cement 4 Limestone 3 Sand & Gravel 7 * # Fatal Injuries in 2014 of the 28 experienced in M/NM mining Demographic # Fatal Injuries * Underground 5 Electrical 1 Hoisting 1 Age 30-39 3 Experience 6-10 Years 4 Mine Site Experience 21-30 Years 1 Job/Task Experience 6-10 Years 1 Wednesday 2 Saturday 2 Non-Cement & Aggregate commodities 0-1 each ** * # Fatal Injuries in 2014 of the 28 experienced in M/NM mining ** 2 in Clay mining
Fatal Crash Causes - By State Via: Auto Insurance Center Top 5 states most affected by 8 of the main fatal crash causes
Our report also shows that fatal burden-and its causes-varied among age groups,' Dr Moon said.
In 2011 there were 67 fatal accidents resulting in 71 deaths, which was n increase on 2010 when there were 56 fatal accidents resulting in 60 deaths.
Financial activities accounted for a much larger share of fatalities among contractors (11 percent) than it did for all fatal occupational injuries (2 percent).
The aim of the study was to find out and highlight different modes of fatalities and pattern of fatal injuries in LIC amongst soldiers.
Multiple sightings of white sharks were reported off the Perth coast in early July but Cappelluti said no further shark sightings have been made in the area, since Saturday's fatal incident.
The subjects were followed for clinical events, including fatal coronary heart disease (defined as mortality from heart attack), and fatal and nonfatal ventricular arrhythmia-related events.
WORCESTER - Education and enforcement: Those are the reasons Worcester police traffic investigators are saying fatal accidents are down drastically over a five-year span.
ACCORDING TO UK-based online database provider Ascend, 2010 was "disappointing" in terms of worldwide fatal accidents and passenger fatalities with increases in both categories over 2009.
Being obese may significantly increase the risk of having a fatal coronary heart disease event independent of known obesity-affiliated cardiovascular risk factors such as high blood pressure and high cholesterol, investigators in Scotland have found.