fat-free body mass

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fat-free bod·y mass

(FFM) (fat'frē bod'ē mas)
Body mass, primarily of muscle and bone, devoid of storage fat; a theoretic entity that contains the small percentage of non-sex-specific essential fat equivalent to approximately 3% of body mass (located chiefly within the central nervous system, bone marrow, and internal organs).
Synonym(s): lean body mass.
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In agreement, various international studies show similar results related to age (20,27), professional experience (15,17), body mass, height (20,27), %fat (22,27), fat mass, and fat-free body mass (5).
But even compared with fat-free body mass, the size of the brain does not correlate negatively with the mass of other organs.
Total body water is then used to estimate fat-free body mass and--by calculating the difference with body weight--body fat.