fat substitutes

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fat sub·sti·tutes

(fat sŭb'sti-tūts)
Substances that have some of the same properties as fat but are not recognized by the body as such and are thereby not absorbed.
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This was in agreement with the findings of (Mendoza et al., 2001) in low fat dry fermented sausages incorporated with inulin as fat substitute in low fat, dry fermented sausages.
The study by researchers at Purdue University showed that synthetic fat substitutes used in low-calorie potato chips and other foods could backfire and contribute to weight gain and obesity.
"Based on this data, a diet that is low in fat and calories might be a better strategy for weight loss than using fat substitutes," Swithers said.
Enter Z Trim, a calorie-free fat substitute made from insoluble plant fibers found in cereals and legumes.
Slow churned technology, the product of a five-year, $100 million dollar R&D investment, involves no fat substitutes or artificial sweeteners.
They are more economical options than already-existing fat substitutes. In addition, these products are generally recognized as safe.
Other new chapters of special interest to nutritionists and dietitians are about essential fatty acids, fat substitutes and replacers and food additives for special dietary purposes.
Fat substitutes never seem as good as the real thing.
Suppliers find perfect ways to jazz up even the most conventional products with new flavors, coating systems, fat substitutes and other aids to processors.
Nutrim is also more cost effective for food ingredient makers and food processors who use oat-based fat substitutes in their products; it costs about half as much as alternative ingredients.
Healthy gains are also expected for carbohydrate-based fat substitutes, which now dominate the market, as these products can often circumvent the lengthy federal approval process due to their "Generally Recognized As Safe" (GRAS) status.
Similar to other fat substitutes, Nutrim will not add any inches to your hips.